Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

yea i thought it was weird the number of gurnard there,maybe someone just took there gurnard there to fillet them and dump the frames??went out last night,got 3 rig on light gear just 10lb braid and a wee stradic 2500..was fun..then went and targeted a ray..straylined out a half pilchard..waited for an hour an a half untill the rod went off..clicked in my second drag to sink the hook and off it ran…went on 3 decent runs and then a couple of smaller ones..took 25 mins to land but only had to walk about 50 m to follow quite suprised the 40lb leader stood up to the abuse..35lb braid was more than enough tho..never seen my killwell bend so hard the hook out and walked it into deeper water and off she swam..probably weighed around 40kg was pretty solid..only had a phone to take photos..need to get yet ANOTHER digital it is[