Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


One of the things I love about sea fishing , is it’s the sea …..anything can swim from anywhere in the world to the beach in front of you and you can catch/hook it ..
I love to pick the brains of the old codgers I run into out fishing …My old landlord told me he’d caught a gurnard off Birdlings around WW2 while long lining ….
The fossil uncle of the cocky at Bayleys told me he’s done oodles of longlining over the years off Bayleys …and never caught a gurnard …he had caught grouper off the beach at spox-x , Pendarves and the Rakia mouth ….back in the late 60’s were the last ones ..
I’d be suprised to see a gurnard off that beach …I wouldnt rule it out tho..
But the numbers seen on the beach ???
There must be some logical reason the fish were there ..