Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

well done on the gurnard there ffp…gonna head up to kaikoura and have a go myself soon once the road and crowds have thinned out..i suspect the gurnard at bayleys were from the longliners and not commercial as they were all close together on the beach and a few were sorounded by blood and guts on the stones..could be wrong though…hey vulcan..crab is the best bait for rig followed by raw prawn but it gets picked off to easy..crab is the the dark or all day long if the swell is up or the water is for the elles cooked prawn is the only bait i would use as its easily accessable and the eles love it..squid will get them if they are in good numbers but you get to much bycatch and the elles will be thinning out from now on as they spawn and head back out to the deep,so maximise your chances and use a bait like cooked prawn that gives you a decent amount of time in the water..everyone will tell you first light in the morning and last thing and into the night is the go..but i get 95% of mine during the day…