Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

good stuff on the rays there zac..gonna start targeting them myself..have wanted to catch one for ages but never put the time in..what bait do you use??i know squid and everything works but just wondered if anything in particular is more productive…have heard that they will take crab?went down to bayleys the other day just because i was going past anyway..just 4 rig biggest around 22lb no sign of ele’s but i didnt care ive had enough this season anyway..was random though there was about 25 gurnard bodies on the beach..fresh aswell either from earlier that day or the night i didnt think you got gurnard there..maybe it was the longliners..a few were tiny and would have been under sized but there were a couple of goody’s…heres one i took a photo of..