Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Haven’t posted here for a while. Haven’t been fishing anywhere near as much as last season, just can’t put in the hours I used to and I guess it shows as I haven’t caught much this season. Have stopped going after rig for the last month or so just putting the occasional crab bait out. Fished Lyttelton a few times and caught a few small seven gillers, small schoolies, small congers and landed one small ray.

Here’s a video of the ray I hooked and lost 1.5 hours later, had me running after it and ended up quite a way from where I hooked it. Some guy had cast over my line and was mucking around trying to get it untangled with both our lines in the weed in front of the rocks then my reel just started absolutely screaming, wish I could have got the first run on video. I hooked it on my lighter setup with 20lb line (500 meters braid + 300 meters mono) and spinning reel which meant with the drag on full I didn’t get any line back for nearly an hour. I managed to get it within around 50 meters of the rocks before it took off again and by then I had been hooked for well over an hour so locked the drag right up knowing I was either gonna stop it or snap off so there it ended exactly 1.5 hours after I hooked it and I didn’t even get to see it. Had I hooked it on my proper setup (Daiwa Saltist 50 boat reel with 500 meters 50lb braid + 200 meters 30lb mono) it could’ve been a different story. I’d be confident landing almost anything including large seven gillers etc on 20lb with no problem but rays are just a different story and you need the extra drag, line capacity and pulling power. The smaller ray I landed after I got back and set up took 5 – 10 minutes to land which puts the other one into perspective.