Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Fished birdlings main beach yesterday, nothing on crab or tuatua, saw one ele landed along with about 30 dogs 20 of which were mine, i also got 3 schoolies and saw a few others caught, one conger lost in the surge, bit/snapped off the hook (someone else caught) Was sitting back enjoying the sun when i looked out too sea and saw a load of splashing going on and realized it was a giller and my line was dead slack, sadly it got wrapped in my leader somewhere and it snapped off, at the same time people 2-300m from me towards the rocks were hooked up so i went down to see them and tried to give them advice as they didnt really know what was going on they also lost theirs after 5-10min with out sight of the fish, i kept one schoolie sadly as it had 2 10/0 hooks down its throat unable to get them, out, was about 5-6lb