Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

works the same wether they swim in or out……depends what species you fish for aswell..9 times out of ten eles will smash the bait and swim away with the bait…i wouldnt bother with anything other than a ledger rig..everything hooks up so why bother with anything else…but hey use whatever works for you..the only other thing i want to use off the beach is a livebait suspended on a trace under a balloon..really need to get motivated and try it..thats when you get the really big schoolys and the possibility of threshers etc..hey mili i forgot to tell you..if you want an easier moki spot go to know where that is right..2 mins south of the ure…follow the hagard sign that says “beach” follow that road and when you get to the first off track on the right go down there and the spot is strait off that carpark…just follow the drivetrack strait down to the beach..its the easiest spot ever its about a minutes walk from the car..productive for moki and you get crays on the rod during the day if you use squid or fish bait..went there during the day on my trip last week and got 3 crays on the only need short casts..50-6o meters