Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

well done elmo..first for the season??..using a rig with a sliding trace and and crimps for stoppers is not superior…the whole point in that setup is that you dont have to strike..the fish pick up the bait..feel no with the bait then it hits the stopper(crimp)and self hooks just like a longline,no need to strike..but using it surfcasting has no benefit because the trace sits agianst the stopper because of the angle so its no different than a ledger rig apart from being overly complicated for no gain in my opinion…striking to hard just means your enthusiastic..haha..the old man does it to and he catches just as much as me only its more comical..when the surf is low the rig just toy with the baits..they do it in the bay here all the have to stand by your rod and lightly strike when they pick it up..went for a moki fish tonight,,the end result was a few cold beers and 3 red hit the bait as it was sinking after the cast..gonna put in some more time towards moki and move away from the eles now..might try for a salmon aswell maybe..big bird workups out here at the moment should really be trying for a kingi..