Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Good luck tonight guys…Shark Slayer I now know your secret,,,,,you have been offering Digital camrea technology to the fish gods on a regular basis…and in return you have been blessed with bountiful fish:)…seriously though, you are doing very well, good on you.
Looks form the members comments that the lake is open, so I will have to venture down the spit on the Quad after christmas from the baylies end….stuck at work today and tomorrow….Christmas with the family and then off to S/S country for the 27th….then i might be able to get there for a look and hope to catch a feed or two of prime Ele and then a few Rig for the freezer and Ill be happy and turn my attention to the ever elusive Salmon.

merry christmas to you all hope you all have a great one, Cheers, Hipp