Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

was heading past the beach on the way home so thought i would try get an ele on lite line…normally dont fish the evenings for them as i find it aint productive..tonight was no exception..shouldnt have bothered.. fished for an hour and a half nothing doing..others down there had no great catches that i saw..went down yesterday only planned on one cast but was waiting for someone i was gonna give some bait..first cast got an cast got an elle..wanted to let it go but the trace had wrapped on it and it was cast got a rig…thought i will have one more an if this dude aint here im another ele..took a photo with my new camera and then rushed to release the ele..bent over to release it gently and out popped my brand new camera strait into the surf….f##k!man was i pissed..thats 4 cameras gone in a month or so..the ele kept washing up so i thought f##k it i will keep it.then the dude turned up and didnt need the bait so i waited for nothing…oh well should have gone home after 1 cast like i had is thursdays ele..

theres friays 3..7.5,8.3,and9.5lb….will catch one more on lite gear and hopefully release it and then i will leave them alone..caught way to many and have kept ten now its starting to get embarrising..ele bait was paua