Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

been busy went away for a holiday ended up going to cape campbell..laptop went flat so couldn’t make any oompaloompa thats traceys house..mine is in the scrub out of veiw..good job peir master..i normally get good schoolys of the aerials aswel…yes ffp the ellesmere outlet was opened i think…great fishing at the cape..they have changed the bag limits and your only allowed 3 cod per day..has really helped they were so thick it was insane..drop to the bottom on the way down get a double hook up and five or so cod would follow up our limit of crays for the two nights we set the pots…here are some photo’s..all around this size..2.5lb.

crays around the 2.2lb..small but good eating.
went to my ele spot cast 8.5lb cowwent down again cast one ele around 12lb on another digi cam today so will take a good photo and post later..gonna head down tommorrow for a cast and thats it for me i will start on the moki..cant be bothered with the idiots at no more quad bike it fucked out last week..that sting ray wound sounded nasty ffp..they take a long time to heal dont they??my ele wound is all good just some bad bruising…mite try for a moki tonight..would of gone for a moki fish mili but didnt end up going to ward..the commercial bulldozers have made a bank at the north end so we couldn’t quad bikes allowed on the beach now i see..were did you get your rig..halfway to the chancet??