Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


shark slayer  haha elmo..cheers guys…i was along kaitoriti spit hipp..all those baits will work fine but will be horribly outfished by chunks of paua..not essential tho..i caught the first one on raw prawn..a few on tuatua..squid..and cooked prawn is also the shizz…went out again today for twenty mins…water was dirty as..dumpy,choppy…sweet i thought..a good challenge..casted out a cooked prawn and after 5 mins i thought..nah need some scent..banged on a chunk of paua..3 mins later over goes the rod and line started peeling..after a few jumps and some line peeled a nice 8.5 lb cow ele was landed…the ele then taught me a few new lessons…lesson no1..ele spines hurt when they get jabbed in your 2.ele spines have barbs that allow them to swing from your chest when you let them an ele falls from your chest onto its have to keep it..haha wont be loosing concentration with the eles again..damn those spines hurt..wanted to let her go but she was buggered after landing on her head…went home a happy chappy..not bad for 20 mins fishing..the secret at the moment hipp is the incoming tide and from 12-5pm for some reason…short casts are also helping..just into good water does the job..i have had alot of empty days aswell but fish these times and fight through the crabs if you can and you will get rewarded…i assume you rented the cottage down near the bay off dave??he’s a nice old bloke..i should be there..might have to get you some cod and a few rig eh….

yeah, i met dave when i came and fixed his phone a while back, nice people! we love it there. Hipp , bring your wetsuit (if it fits) :dude: i made weight belt you can use. are you the hse with the firewood sharkslayer??