Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Well done Shark Slayer……where were you at and when?and what were you using? we went out yesterday arvo bout 5.45pm till 11pm….not a sausage, cooked prawns, raw prawns, mussel, squid, crab….omg and not a bloody thing, we fished in the easterly then turned NW later at the beach between coopers and the lake opening. So gutted, we just cant seem to get on the Eles or the Rig….like you SS all we would like is a few feeds in the freezer and we will then move on and do something else, bit of a bugger when you put in a reasonable effort for bugger all… is nice down the beach, but really a heng of a lot better when you put a feed on the table aye.
Anyway S/S well done, My brother has rented a farm cottage over in your bay from the 27th, Im there just that one day, we may see you….he will have some littlle kids with him we would like to take fishing if there is anywhere suitable in the near facinity, even if its just for spotties for fun, we will have a more serious fish after they have gone to bed:) Cheers,Hipp