Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


went to baileys after work yeserday got there approx 5.30pm drove down the beach approx 1km very soft in the shingle and the old truck struggled got struck and had to but it in 4×4 low didnt like that at all, got to were i fish,only reason i drive there to fish is that i got a couple of fish there 2 years ago and thought its was good put have got nothing for years,, Its my SPOT X, not as good as fish-for-pot spot (help me fish-for-pot) well any way got out of the truck and went down the beach and looked at the sea,very windy and the sea was choppy well any way didnt fish so drove back down the beach and went home,, a waste of time and fuel…if any one is going out fishing this weekend and would like company let me know and i will meet up and fish with you and have a laugh and tell fishing lies