Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Spot-X Bayleys …….someone had been there in the am , left a schoolie head on the beach , maybe 20-30lb …..could have been bigger but I’d be guessing ….
Fished from 5.30-9.30 …..had paua out on 1 rod most of the night , not touched ….
The other rod had a crab bait on it for some of the time , the rest it wasnt even in the water ….landed 3 rig …could have caught oodles of them but didnt want them …..threw 2 of the rig back , kept a small male for a feed ….
No sign of ele’s …..always done far better in the am for them tho
Had some fun with a compressed air cannon a mate has built ….. fired a 4 ounce sinker with a plastic streamer/tail 220mtrs down the beach ….. then fired a bait out around 150mtrs Id say …..couldnt see a splash so it was pretty well out there …..
Got a few refinements to make …want 200mtrs with 1 bait …can think of several spots where the extra distance will be a huge advantage ….