Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

Went out for a rig fish last night/evening.Conditions were ok with a moderate northeaster, water was clean and flat.arrived at the spot around 5.00, i decided to setup camp before casting out a bait wich turned out to be a wrong move….first cast and ten minutes later my rod buckled over to the horizon and line started pouring out at a rapid rate, i ran to get my rod out of the holder and engaged my main drag to sink the hook, ten minutes later a big cow rig well over 20lb was on the beach.she was in solid as condition and pregnant, back in the sea and off she swam…good start i though, the actions going to be full on i thought, i will have tea then get strait back into it i thought…but alas after tea my baits were getting stripped in seconds by crabs and the first fish was the only fish…should of fished the change of light properly but oh well.Had another cast at 4.30am before going home and had a short hit and run but it spat the bait.But hey cant complain my season has started.

“> veiw of bay.
“> the local seal cubs checking us out
“> mrs rig.