Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

was talking to a birdlings local who used to trawl…gave it up because he realised what a dirty destructive practise it is…1 nautical mile is the limit..but the hypocrites reckon they self impose a 5 mile limit on themselves for us fisherman…yea right!he reckoned thats another reason why he gave up because no one stuck to it…was also talking to a guy who sold his trawler last year..his wife does some shearing on the farm i live on…he sold it because he could see the fishery was declining and he was going bankrupt.there was one working from birdlings to rakaia out wide this morning and one in close going from rakaia up to birdlings…i got nothing not even a will be nice and empty after that carry on…because the season has started late they will thrash it hard to make up for lost time…i only keep 5 per be honest this year i just want to get my 5 and get the hell out…cant be bothered with this carry on.the one in close was about 700 m out..well inside the zone..was talking to a local who also got f all and he has seen them in half as close…i said to him “thats all good its well within shooting range haha. :wink: :wink: .got my ele on tua fav bait..need to get some paua though..i have a spot that is so stocked the paua are growing on top of each other..i refuse to use tuatua fresh,needs to be frozen first in my many ele’s did you guys get ffp?