Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Does anyone know how close the trawlers can come to the beach ? … they shouldnt be allowed to trawl over the ground the eggs are laid in …or the breeding grounds for that matter

Caught most of my ele’s on paua , seahunter was using mussle for his …..Ive found a half crab , no legs or shell bound onto the hook to be the best bait for the eles – a shame the rig love it too tho – didnt want rig tho , once Id bagged one that is…crab presented this way outfishes paua , just ….and paua outfishes tuatua from many experiences at Spencers park ….
Also always found mornings best for the eles ………. oh and Hipp …the area along Bayleys we fish has always been far more prolific than the likes of Coopers or even Pendarves …likely there are shellfish beds there , and the water is considerably deeper for some reason
Permission from the cocky to cross his land is needed tho , unless you can drive miles along the beach