Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

yea the rig on crab..actually one was on a double raw prawn combo.been a busy few days for me, and looks like the karma has shifted in my favour..went up the coast on saturday..stopped off at conway to try for ele’s…only sign on the beach was a few rig heads..first baits in on the change of light..tried all the usual bait’s,squid,raw and cooked prawn,crab, ele’s just rig two 19 and 27lbs..stopped using crab after that as i wanted eles but got none.tried again in the morning 5am-9…just a dogfish.bugger this i thought..blasted to kaikoura to my spot,caught 30 kahawai in 2 hour’s..havn’t been able to spin for kahawai for 2 years because of wrist surgery’s so i kept a bag limit released the rest…wont need anymore for the rest of the season.then i thought to myself..conditions will be perfect at birdlings and i had actually planned to fish there on sunday morning…anyhow i jumped in the car and blasted to chch,then blasted my way up past bayleys…got there at 9 chucked out a bait…bam over went the rod and a wee cow ele was landed…turned out to be the only one of the night but i ain’t complaining i was stoked…glad no one was there to see me acting like a 12 year old on a sugar rush…was a special fish for me,first one in two years because of brutal wrist surgerys.tried again last night and again at dawn this morning but only result was 3 small tope…the trawler’s are absolutely hammering the place…gonna head out tonight or tommorrow before these southwesters mess it up…well done to you fishforpot and thanks for the report… out…oh also i lost my digital cam and my fillet only have a shit phone photo but here is the ele…