Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Well, after reading fishforpots exciting report we headed off to the beach with the greatest of antisipation, arriving at a spot between Coopers and the Maroi Church, as we came onto the beach it was encouroging to see a few other groups, a quick glance around and a guys is cleaning a Kahawai in the surf, a look to my right and a woman is just landing another medium sized Kahawai,(they left with half a dozen or so) birds are working up and down the shore.
You beauty, all is looking good, off to the distace a couple of vehicles at the Coopers end and at least two rods down by the Maori Church…..wait a sec, casting in, its a bit cool, blowing southerlyish…and the folkes are all packing up one by one….never fear its supposed to turn NW,
I had a poke round the beach and found 3 large Ele heads and one smaller, choice:) abit more of a poke, some fresh mussels left by some one, some paddel crab and some cooked prwans, bit dissapointed that these were left in bags!!!!, however, we used some of the bait as we were getting through it, crabs I suspect! save the good bait for last light Im thinking…. it turned NW and it warmed up again, Kahawai I think splashing around too far out to cast to, but good to see, Mullet or simular working right on the edge of the surf, Cucumberfish getting driven up onto the beach…..something is bound to happen I think,I take my gear off and swap to a spinner for a while, no joy. light is starting to fade, a single person on a quad joins in for a while, its after dark now and still nothing…..and thats the way it stayed till we finally caved in around 10.45pm….alass no fish for the freezer,nothing liked our fresh prawns, fresh mussel, paddel crab and even a finely threaded on cucumberfish….. nice to see and hear of some activity though.
Hope you guys did better, cheers, Hipp