Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Bayleys this morning ….rods in the water by 6am with a trawler right in front of us …. – rig on the beach by 6.05
6.40am the ele’s came on the bite …..was using 2 rods with 1 bait per rod …..couldnt keep 2 rods in the water …both rods bending over at the same time twice ….
Resorted to 1 rod , even used some smelly squid someone had left on the beach , ele’s were taking anything and everything ….
Seahunter came with me , could hardly lift the sack he filled lol ….he caught a good sized rig , early to mid 20’s I’d estimate …
Could have taken a truck full of fish , caught more than we wanted as it was …

I do have pics on my phone somewhere of Seahunters rig and several of the ele’s …if the daughter comes home today I’ll try to post them ….
So yeah , ele’s are certainly here , and in large numbers

Dazza is currently at Coopers at a club event … interesting to see what was caught ….