Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


I had one oops where the line wrapped around the top eye , causing the cast to only go maybe 30% of the distance I was wanting ..I was experimenting with pendulum casting because the rod I was using is 16foot “first time used” and I’m suffering from Ducks disease lol …Not sure if it was during or before the cast but somehow it got looped – no shock or casting leader …end results was the braid almost snapped , worn right thru it … its that expensive shit , green 0.17mm 50lb +
Casts a dream with one of those trigger things , first time also …..especially into the wind

Had no issues with wear on stones cause Im casting a healthy 100+ and being so high – getting a slack on might be different tho lol

The 7 giller was only maybe 20lb , but it whacked the hell out of the line – and no probs ….intesting catching the other sharks on it …could feel everything – it made me more aware of what I was feeling on the other rod – mono