Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

only 3 dogs along birdlings the other night,no elephants yet..looks like this season is going to be a shitty one in canterbury.went mullet fishing off the rocks on saturday,was having a blast catching the numerous mullet in my berley trail,then they went shy and headed out deeper….whats going on here…i looked down and saw what i thought was a moki swimming around but then realised i was looking at the tail of a sevengiller…it then turned and came to the rocks edge to check me out…they have turned up the exact same time they do every year…same with the rig…so one must assume there is something else going on other than weather with the eles….what do you guy’s think????hey fishforpot, i have spooled all my reels with braid this year but havn’t fished kaikoura with it yet..did you have any probs with abrasion or bust offs??