Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Recently been on a two week trip around the North Island and I got a bit of fishing in, overall the fishing was not great, the weather was not great and all that I caught were Rays.

Day 1: Crossed cook strait and drove up to Taupo, was dark when I got there. Took a few photos. Next morning heard the river mouths were producing good numbers but decided to move on.
Day 2: Spent Night at Whangarei, got there to late to scout out fishing spots.
Day 3: Up to the far north, the weather was terrible and it pissed with rain until just on dusk. Fished the harbor and only caught Rays.
Day 4: Was fine, then wet, then fine, then wet… Wind was strong all day. Fished Wharf in morning for nothing. Scouted out a few spots, Went for a fish from a few rocks. The only fish probably a kingie took my snapper rod and broke me off. Was one powerful fish. After a few hours got sick of getting soaked every 45 minutes so drove south looking for more shelter.
Day 5: evening fish on KeriKeri Peninsula, more rain, wind and rays.
Day 6: evening fish Whangaerei Heads, wind and rays.
Day 7: Climbed a volcanol, was going to spend night in Auckland but was to busy so went to Rotorua instead. The massive trout in Rainbow and Paradise springs are always worth a look.

Spent next few days slowly heading home, via Waitomo Caves, New Plymouth, Wanganui. Watched a few guys catching Red Cod from the Wanganui breakwater.

P9140116 by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

P9140115 by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

View from Mount Manaia by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

Sunset, Fish and Refinery by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

P9080056 by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr