Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

yes beamer,the fishing around birdlings and up the spit is shit at the moment,ian was saying he got a small male ele a month ago but none since,as for a lice ridden body floating around or bad juju from the incident at the mouth making the fishing bad…i can think of many sensible reasons as to why…maybe its the non stop cold weather from the south we have had…coupled with the fact that each year this area gets hammered my wanker commercial trawlers dickheads with kontiki’s who cant work out how to use a fishing rod and also recreational fisherman who take way more rig and ele’s than they would ever need most of wich are spawning fish that are pregnant…those are all much more logical reasons.I fished at birdlings the other night and there were two groups of people either side of me setting kontiki’s non stop over a four hour period….that sort of s#@t dosn’t help..or maybe its because last year i had wrist surgery and missed the ele season and now that im fighting fit there aint any fish around :)