Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

hey elmo,barrys bay stream fishes okay and le bons bay…all the smaller ones are a waste of time..the old retired guys around her almost live in them and its impossible to get a spot worth fishing…im gonna head out for a morning bait hopefully,the tides are good and the southerly should scare away all the crowds.went to birdlings flat last night,just after i arrived ian robertson(birdlings flat)stopped for a chat,he had caught nothing but said he got a male ele about a month ago.i chucked out my ele baits and waited for some action,but what followed was four hours of the worst fishing i have ever experienced at birdlings flat..nothing on the ele baits,tried for rig with crab..nothing,even mullet wrapped with squid got no attention..not a nibble for four hour’s..ian was saying there has been no school sharks yet…very weird.i have seen trawlers coming past peraki bay heads towards birdlings for a couple of months now,saw one tonight aswell….you can bet that is part of whats going on,lets hope the fishing improves….