Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

Went on an epic 3 hour bush walk to my rig spot yesterday.Arrived at 5.15, had baits in the water by 5.30 but all was quite up until dusk.Just as darkness fell my rod bent over hard and fast and fell out of the holder.I ran to the rod and tightened up the slack and immediately felt the power of a super solid rig.After ten minutes and some solid runs i got my first look at the biggest rig i have ever seen.One more powerful run and a had it by the leader, it was a female, pregnant, an a whopping 37lbs.Got a few photos wich was hard to do with a half flat head lamp and a fish that has chronic a.d.d., back in and off she swam into the deep.Had to leave after that, the wind was getting out of control and i had to walk back to the car in the dark.Got a feed of whitebait earlier in the day aswel so im pretty stoked…here are the sh#t photos..