Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

nice rig there zac.where the couple from lyttelton males??hey fisho if you are coming down to fish here go to birdlings flat,you will catch them in lyttelton but birdlings would be more productive at this time of the season.Nice to see the cod are still around and the grey boys have shown up in kaikoura….none down here yet,using fish baits your lucky if you even get a dogfish at the moment….crazy numbers of crabs.Went out yesterday evening/ a male rig of 14lb then a small red cod,then a bigger cod wich i lost at the waters edge,packed up after dark because i had no crab baits left and my baits were being stripped almost instantly.the rig was caught on a raw prawn/mussel combo.

my mate still hasn’t showed up with my digital cam so had to take shit pictures with my cellphone..