Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Today I fished Spot M, this time M stood for Marfells beach.

The southerly cooled this off nicely, and it was quite chilly on the beach but the sea was nice and calm. Tide was low, and incoming. There was plenty of seabirds feeding on the beach, which was a good sign. If there was food on the beach, chances are these food on the sea bed.

Casted out three mussel baits then waited, while the tide slowly creep up the beach and towards my truck. The occasional ‘nibble’ got my attention but nothing significant. At around 8:30 I started to get worried so packed up and drove home.

The BOS do put a good bend in the rod by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

Colours of dusk by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr