Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

To cut a long story short,my boat got stolen or somehow floated out to sea the other day.Not sure wich but im pretty sure it was stolen.Luckily my motor,fuel tank,and sounder were not on it.So i cant get around to my rig spot anymore..i have ordered a 4.1 meter frewza but they dont stock them so have to wait at least three weeks for it to be built.Have a couple of other rig spots that produce the odd early rig but have tried the last couple of nights with no reward.If anyone spots a 3.3 meter pro marine inflatable with wheels on it floating around it is mine….although with these northwests it would probably be in timaru by now if thats what happened…or if anyone knows someone that recently “acquired” such a boat, i would be interested to know…