Reply To: Awatere Surf Fishing Contest


Decided to postpone the trip to Port Underwood, the forecast was not good. Instead headed up to Lake rotoiti but it was gusty up there two. Tried a bit of fishing but with no luck, got blown about by the wind for a while. Might head to the port early tomorow.

A couple of things I have learnt to take to surf casting competitions.

2-3L of water, maybe a sports drink. Beer is good if you want to encourage heat stroke. Food is always good.

Long Sleeve shirt, pants and a good hat. Lots of Sunscreen. For clothing a cool thin material with a decent UV rating is best.

These hats would be good I feel, … 310468.htm . Going to buy myself one or two. Also sunglasses because you spend the morning looking into the sun.

Obiviously this mainly applies for hot days.