Reply To: Latest Catches

Jones Jr.


First Moki of the trip from Greg, caught off the beach on a scallop / cooked prawn combo. We were near Kelp so this must’ve attracted the fish to the area. Not much else caught off the beach unfortunately, I caught two big spotties on like a 8/0 hook would you believe when going for sharks! Stupid things. … 100108.jpg

We went to the wharf at first on Thursday morning to get fresh bait for school sharks perhaps we thought we might catch. Greg surprisingly on his first drop pulled up a blue cod that was just under legal and a spottie. I got a small blue cod to, too small so just put back. … 100108.jpg

My first good Moki of the trip on day 2 (Friday). I had caught two smaller Moki the night (my first moki and got two at once!) before on a little rig baited with small bits of mussel for sprats etc. Kept this one. I was actually going to go for a big wrasse to try and fillet, I surprisingly got this around 6.30pm or it may have been about 6pm when there was still plenty of daylight about. They put up a good fight. … 100108.jpg

Another nice Moki an hour later, caught on the same combo of cooked prawn etc. Was cool and provided good entertainment for tourists at the end of the wharf. LOL. … 100108.jpg

Here’s Greg with a nice we Moki, a bit too small so put back. Didn’t get any bigs ones for a while after the 2 initial big ones. … 100108.jpg

Getting towards the end of the night on Friday, our fishing spot at the end with my 4 big Moki. … 100108.jpg

Greg with another Moki, too small once again however. Greg got a fair few but they were all a bit too small! Next time Greg! I was lucky and got 4 bigger fellas. … 100108.jpg

A pic with the 4 Moki on the wharf and the Kaikoura lights in the background, well. Not all of Kaikoura, just a few street lights to be honest. Looks sort’ve cool though? :D … 100108.jpg

Me with my 4 fish, maybe I’m a bit tired now. … 100108.jpg

All in all a good trip. Was fun. The target fish in the end was Moki. I went with the idea of going for Rig or School Sharks but didn’t get one in the end, not even a doggie! I hooked a hagfish (Blind eel) off the wharf and a big stingray to. Also and octopus! We saw squid, baracutta and piper (garfish) swimming around. Also caught loads of small tarakih, would like bigger ones but none to be seen! Anyone got info on getting Rig or School sharks around Kaikoura, what we were doing wasn’t working. Perhaps there’s a better way?

The moral of the story, don’t grow a pathetic moustache when going to Kaikoura.