Reply To: Latest Catches

Jones Jr.

That’s detailed enough, and a simple enough sounding rig there HLS. Cheers for that. Oh well, spose it is a matter of right place right time. Seems like the tope will take any fresh cut bait, be it mullet, kaiwhai, red cod. Where as the Rig are more specific taking crab, prawn. That sort’ve thing.

The Moki were just on simple ledger rigs with a 1 to 2 Oz sinker on the bottom, 2 x 1/0 hooks. A piece of cook prawn on each hook about 1.5cm cubed to be near enough. Worked the trick. The Moki when they bite are nice singular bites about the same as a good sized mullet would do (not that big when you consider the size of fish on the other end). The thing is, you gotta be ready to strike them when they do bite a particular way. It’s not like a normal bite where there’s a beginning and an end to it….your typical “do do” bite (which the moki still do)….. You know when to strike when you get a “do” and it’s like it forgets to let go “that’s when you strike!” The thing is I suspect the moki are just mouthing the bait if that makes any sense, sucking at it. Not really munching on it hardcore. If I didn’t strike any of those fish my bet is they would’ve just let go and I wouldn’t of realized it.

Does any of that make sense? Me spitting out my continuous ramblings of crud. haha. :)

I think I’ll have to do those pics tomorrow, never seems to be enough time in the day!