Reply To: Latest Catches

Jones Jr.

I went away with Shark_Tale and others to the Marlborough Sounds. We spent a whole day fishing for snapper, I didn’t get one. However I gave it a dam good shot so that’s all I can ask for and am happy. I caught a leather jacket, blue cod, mullet, skate, spottie and Kaiwhai. That skate and the Kaiwhai both I thought were snapper taking my running rig however after about 10 seconds with both you could tell the way they were fighting and it didn’t seem snapperish.

Shark_Tale got a nice we small snapper though, took the running rig nicely and that was cool. My other mate was using a little hook baited with squid (standard dropper for bait fish) and got the smallest snapper I’ve seen. I’ll put up the pics later today, nothing overly awesome though. That rat king’s were cool to watch swimming right underneath us, you could almost touch them sort of thing.

Nice seven giller there booger! Your only relatively new to fishing and you’ve done quite dam well I must say. Am looking forward to Kaikoura this comming Thu, Fri and Sat to get some good fishing in. Hopefully Moki and rig will be on the catch list as I’ve never caught them.