Reply To: Latest Catches


I went down to Timaru this morning and fished most of the day. I caught a few mullet when I got there, but seemed to have really bad luck with them for the rest of the day, when the person just down from me was catching them throughout the day. I caught a tiny Tarakihi later on in the day, and i’m sure I saw some medium sized Moki swimming around in the kelp. Other catches were just Warehou.

On the big rod with the shark trace I had just made up I caught two big carpet sharks, both using Dogfish for bait as I had run out of mullet and had no other option. Someone else caught a Carpet shark earlier on in the day as well. I’ve caught five carpet sharks in the last month there out of about six trips, so there must be a lot around at the moment.

I am thinking of having a fish at the beach across from the wharf next time, or trying off the break water casting north. I want to target seven gillers and just see if there are many around, and also another Stingray would be nice.