Reply To: Latest Catches


I was quite surprised how popular seaview is, I do believe that the beaches around Kekerengu, Clarence are more productive, especially for large sharks. I thought I saw a few people with large redcod down my end when I first arrived.

Today, before I went to seaview was. Spent several hours fishing about 2.5km south of the Kekerengu river and cafe. Landed a large tope which resulted in me breaking one of my rods. Was very rough down there compared with seaview. But shortly after the tope a large pod of dolphins turned up and I suspect they would of been hunting or atleast scaring the fish. The babies were cute.

I would have to purchase a couple more rods if I am to enter the competition. I have never fished at blind river before, although I suspect it would be simalar to the saltlakes.

The Kaikouria Surfcasting comp is on the 13th, if I remember correctly.