Reply To: What to do this weekend.


Karaka point (eastern point,Waikawa) 5 minute walk from the car bush bashing its a well cut and maintained track.

I havnt been there for about a year,used to fish it often.Not a hugely productive area I dont reckon but when you do get a few its usually a mixed bag of the desired species.Ive caught a few blue cod there,a couple of legal ones,heaps of kahawai and my biggest snapper.Probably took me 8-10 trips there to catch these.Ive seen a couple of Tarakihi caught and some of the biggest rays I have ever seen have been cruising around there.I was also told of a blue shark that was spotted there prob 3 years ago which wouldnt be too far from the truth as we had one visit us at kiwi ranch (Curious cove) which isnt that far away.Its foul ground right off the point and ive lost so much gear there it isnt funny.Theres a bit of a beach on the Whangamata bay side of it but it seems pretty dead there.It was one of the first places I tried when I first started getting into land based fishing but now that I found different places I dont really go there anymore.Ive prob lost more gear there than anywhere else and its the foul around the best fishing spot that put me off.