Reply To: Braided lines for surfcasting


Mono is still best for snapper fishing especially straylining they seem to detedct the hook quicker with braid and invariably spit the bait before you can hook up, Have been using powerpro for about a year and have yet to lose a fish due to mainline failure, have tried others but powerpro seems to perform best in the surf. Is fine on east coast beaches on relatively calm days, for rough days still use mono.
The eclipz can be spooled with braid and I used to run one for surf casting before I got my Axeon.
Always remember when using braid to use a thumb caster or some other form of finger protection, I use a leather finger stall.(buy an old leather jacket/skirt and find someone with a sewing machine, or buy one from a chemist)

The major advantage is thin diameter which will give you better distance and negate the use of a shock leader if