Reply To: What to do this weekend.


Hey Milliwolf, What website do you use to see the forecast for the Kenepuru/French pass ect.. I’m looking to take our boat out to French Pass/ D’Urville island but I need to pick the day right, I’ve got a Reflex Chianti 515 with a 115hp engine but it’s not a boat I would like to be in when theres a big swell.

A few mates have been catching some good snapper in the Kenepuru off the shore past portage and on the other side. I caught two pannies at the weekend one around Nydia Bay and the other one off snapper point.

I’ve never landed a kingfish but this xmas/New year Week I HAVE to land one! Anyone know any good spots to get a kingy? I’m thinking out off Tawero point? Anyone had any luck around that spot?