Reply To: Surfcasting In Timaru


I mainly only fish the wharf. I find it to be the easiest place to go. A lot can be caught there and there is always a good supply of mullet around to take up time, and to stock up on bait. I have caught a couple Carpet Shark there the last few times I went, also a lot of red cod around at the moment. I remember last year there were loads of good size red cod around over christmas time.

I have heard a couple storys of some really big sharks and stingrays aroun the area, one from just a couple weeks ago when some guy got pulled in by a massive shark, i’m not sure what type it was. I’ve caught one big stingray there and heard of a 200 KG one that washed up at Caroline Bay.

Heard of Blue Cod at the beach accross from the wharf at certain times of the year, and I think there might be a chance of Blue Cod from the shore further South.