Reply To: Fishing Kaikoura and the Sounds


Hi.I fished down the Bulwer about this time last year.Was using surfcasters off the bulwer jetty and fished about half the day but never got anything.Its a nice place if ya just wanna park up for a day but its a long way to drive just for a fish off the jetty.

As far as I can remember there was only 1 access way to the jetty and boat ramp.When you come down the hill into the bulwer you come to 2 gates.The one to the left is the one you wanna take.Really its the only one you can take because the other gate is clearly marked PRIVATE.Theres a nice grassy area down at the bottom right next to the jetty and boatramp,be allgood for a barby and a beer.But yeah as I said its a long way and this time last year me and a mate spent many hours on the end of the jetty and got nothing,it didnt really look too productive either.

Id recommend Frenchpass.