Reply To: Salmon fishing upstream


If you have time a trip to the Goulter would be worthwhile.

Was up there on sunday. The river is low but decent to large fish are still plentiful. They are wary but if you approach the river with cover you should avoid spooking to many.

Even if they are spooked if you back away from the river and wait a few minutes they quite often start feeding again. If they see a flyline they are normally gone.

It would be about a 2 hour drive from Havelock (4WD recommend), then it takes 4-5 hours to fish up to the middle hut. There is a couple of hours fishing above the hut but it makes for a extremely long day.

Last weekend I left home at 7:30am and got back home at 8:30pm during that time I fished up to the middle hut. Less crazy people spend the night in the hut.

A mid week trip should give you the river to yourself.