Reply To: Salmon fishing upstream


I went up the wakamarina a couple of weeks back. The river was still swollen but the water was clear. Spent a few hours searching but did not spot a single trout worth casting to. There was a slight breeze which made spotting a bit harder. Probably should of blind fished.

Another river worth a try would be the Rai, it starts about 10 minutes upstream of where the wakamarina joins the pelerous. It holds a large number of fish and a few very big ponds which I suspect would be ideal for streamer fishing. I am no expert but I consider the Wakamarina and the upper perlorus to be more Dry fly and Nymph areas. The water is very clear and the trout equally wary.

I been told the best time for streamer fishing is when the river is slightly coloured. When the water is low and clean that is where the nympths or dry fly have the advantage.

John Kent does not say much on the Wakamarina in his book, but there is a bit on the Pelorus and Rai. I own a book (21 great New Zealand trout waters by Tony Orman) which has a chapter on fishing the Pelorus. Probably not worth buying.

The wet flies recommended include Greenwell’s Glory, Twilight Beauty, Grouse and Purple, Pevirl of the peak, all sizes 10-14. The lures are Hairy Dog and Hamill’s killer. But I would also include a few Wooly Buggers, probably in size 2-8.