Reply To: Pier Restriction


Hey guys. I sit here fuming about this still and upon rereading some of the articles about this realise the council have given us an opening to get some damn good publicity without going to the extremes of a protest. The council have stated that we can apply for the ban to be lifted for special or one off events. Are any of you prepared to work with me in arranging a kids fishing competition for say mid November. I am sure I know of some people who would be up for donating some prizes and we could canvas the local sports and tackle shops. The local papers could then be approached to come up with a bit of free advertising to promote it and then get them involved in covering the event. It would be the eaisiest way I know of to get a shitload of people to the pier and we could use it to show the council just how many people they are effecting with their ban. My email is in my profile so if you think this could work give me a yell and we can get together and start arranging something.