Reply To: Was fishing in the Kenepuru…


Gettin hookups like that up the Kenepuru this time of year sounds like good news to me! I thought it would still be quite early in the year to be experiencing kingis up that way so maybe the water temperature is up there already? Ive had runs like that in the inner pelorus and keneperu when I was younger and it was quite scary getting the boat turned round by something so powerful on the end of my line.Being so young at the time I wasnt at all keen on finding out what it was and ended up getting a few runs like that that all ended in bust offs.We put it down to being big stingrays,and I mean big!

But yeah up them ways there would only be a few fish that would run like that,Kingis,Snapper,Rays or maybe some sort of shark and theres really only one way to find out! ;)

SPOTTIES! they are a pain in the arse pretty much anywhere in the sounds