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[b:1054kv79]You need to look at the whole section

[b:1054kv79]6. BAIT FISHING WATERS

6.1 A person may bait fish for trout in the Eastern zone between 1 October and 30 April only, except at:
6.1.1 Christchurch Groynes Fishing Lakes and Courtenay Lake where bait fishing is permitted all year.
6.1.2 Selwyn River upstream of State Highway 77 bridge where bait fishing is prohibited all year
6.2 Bait fishing for trout is prohibited in the Western zone.
6.3 Bait fishing for salmon is prohibited except in the:
6.3.1 Kaiapoi River between 1 October and 30 April
6.3.2 The Christchurch Groynes Fishing Lakes all year
6.3.3 Courtenay Lake

And no the “whole fish” refers to any whole baitfish be it pillie, bully or smelt.
If you have any questions call fish and game.

complete regulations can be downloaded from: