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The sevengillers and the bigger greyboys normally end up on the BBQ and the smaller greys usually in the fry pan.Theres a tecnique to filleting these and about the time we were getting these sharks we had no idea so we basically just filleted them like a cod :D

In the end we still ended up with some nice steaks and they went down a treat.

If you get one that you wanna keep then you need to get rid of the fins,head,tail and guts asap and I was told that scrubbing the gut cavity out is also a good idea,you want to get rid of as much of the red stuff as you can.

As far as the cooking side of it goes,well you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.The thing with these sharks is they taste much the same no matter what you do with it

If the swells not to big I prefer to gut n wash standing in the surf.If you feel the need to wash the flesh at home then try not to run it under fresh water until its about to be cooked.

Lemon is a definate,maybe sum sweet chilly sauce or something but normally its just lemon for me.I dont see the point in adding all sorts of stuff to it otherwise youll prob forget what youre eating!

I had an illustrated step by step guide on how to fillet them properly,so Ill try find it and post the pics.There may be something on this site im not sure.

P.S I dont kill them all.Sevengillers normally go back,I prefer the schoolies.:)