Reply To: “The Canterbury Mullet Championships”

Jones Jr.

Second entry into the champs! And Greg (HEAD, The fiery ginga) is in the lead! (NOTE, might aswell make this a South Island wide comp as another suggested otherwise it’s prob just gonna be a competition between Greg and me. LOL).

Caught at the Kaiapoi river on 15th September 2007. Pics as follows.


Greg with his Mullet, bigger than mine!


Length = 37cm (it looks like 36cm however he’s not holding it right at the front of the fishes mouth)


Perspective shot next to 600ml Sparkling Duet bottle.


Weighing in at = 600grams / 1.32 pounds. (fish lost some blood, weighed a little more initially)

Now the mullet are getting bigger! I’ve never seen one this big before. Still looking forward to the mythical above 1kg mullet!