Reply To: Latest Catches

Jones Jr.

Hi Zac, Kaiwhai at the pier today were of a nice big size. Not huge but a good sized kaiwhai. Perhaps the same or slightly smaller than my kaiwhai from Kaikoura.

There were no mullet about, although I suspect I got “mulletesh” type bites at one point but that’s it. Surprisingly not one dogfish seen.

Hey Wiz, the kaiapoi river seems to be a mullet hot spot. Or the mouth of the Waimak river. Just fish the Kaiapoi anywhere south of the main bridge that goes through town, try find a quite spot and chuck your line in. Closer to Chch I’ve seen good catches of nice sized mullet in the Avon river between say where Wainoni Rd and the Pages Rd bridges are. I haven’t fished there in a while tho.