Reply To: Forum surfcasting trip to Kaikouria?


Ok, here we go again. Third attempt at this, should get it done now.

This was a great trip and a first for me in terms of getting a decent fish surfcasting! I’ve caught the odd doggie before surfcasting and that’s what put me off it for a little while there. But Kaikoura produced the goods and according to Greg (HEAD) and his dad the fishing was only moderate and better days can be had. The Salmon caught by Booger was certainly cool though!

First went to South Bay and started fishing around 11:45am, left there about 1pm or maybe 1:30pm after no fish had been caught. Not even any bites! Mind you the tide was very low only just coming back in, with these steeply shelved beaches one would think it might not matter as much but yeah……. Grabbed some lunch and went to the old railway station and fished there.